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The projections continue. We continued to make these name density sculptures with fans names of products and athletes. Our latest projection occured in Washington D.C. on the side of the Newseum, actually projecting on the freedom tablet. It was a celebration of RG3 the Redskins New QB. We lit up our fans and empowered them to be part of the projection live. Using twitter, fans were able to use the hashtag #lightyouupdc to see their tweets in lights. From the roof of the building i witnessed the magic of technology first hand, a family was sitting on steps across the street, all of a sudden they started cheering as their tweet displayed it’s the small moments like that, that make you realize how truly awesome our jobs are.

To engage fans, we developed a Facebook app called “Light You Up,” where fans told us what the super-lightness of adizero helped them achieve. We then created a larger-than-life light projection and displayed the best statements alongside giant animations created not from pixels, but from fan names. The culmination of this social effort occurred in NYC the evening before the Argentina vs. Brazil game. In NYC, we served up music to accompany the show and ran a geo-fenced mobile ad campaign within 1.5 miles of the projection, directing people to the event.

Adizero | NBA Playoffs 2012 from Chris Brady on Vimeo.

Some people have asked me in the past during an interview “Have you done anything Bigger?” Here’s my answer it’s 8 stories tall, a block wide, and occurred during the NBA playoffs on the south facade of the TD Garden. A blimp caught it on camera and put it on National TV, that’s free broadcast time. Over 20,000 people submitted names to be part of it and we used those names as the pixels to display a new product called the Crazy Light 2 with Adidas. Walking down the street and seeing our work projected on such a massive scale was truly one of the coolest moments yet.

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