EmblemHealth | Care 3.0

Every once and a while you get an opportunity to work with incredible people. And incredible can be defined in a million ways. Incredibly passionate, incredibly talented, incredibly genuine. This work is a pure demonstration of care. We went out and interviewed over 60 employees who were nominated by their peers, we got to know them and out of that group we all came to the conclusion that these three heroes of care deserved to be recognized. They would become the face of our Q4 What Care Feels Like campaign.

In a serendipitous turn of fate, we were also able to get a Director who not only had the talent and vision to share with us, but was himself a believer in showcasing care. Justin Baldoni had just come off producing a series called “My Last Days” and we were lucky enough to have him say yes to helping us tell these stories.

Inem Care | Neighborhood Care Clinical Pharmacist

Leslie Care | Care Coordinator

Sana Care | Director of Health Care Reform